Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 12947

Im just real happy to tell you the truth. This week was the bomb. I have been super pumped about the work lately. I literally love it. We have been working real hard and this weekend I decided to fast a little bit and pray a lil more that our investigators could really make the effort to come to church. And as I prayed for them throughout the day and we visited them I felt so good and I just had such a strong hope that they would all show up. So Sunday morning we went to go look for some of them because the night before they had asked us to and when we showed up at their door after walking for like 30 minutes on dirt roads they didn’t answer the door. And we were a little bit sad but the other investigators had promised that they would show up so we still showed up to church with a little bit of excitement. And then when we sat down 5 minutes passed and then 10 and then we started the Sacrament and still no one had shown up. And it has been like this for almost my entire time herein Las Termas. And I just felt my eyes fill with tears and I just felt so unworthy. And that I had to be doing something wrong. I really felt sooo low. After all of our hard work. But then a little thought just popped into my mind that through the Sacrament I could repent and try even harder the next week to help my brothers and sisters and that I just needed to trust in God that he would help us because as it says in Isaiahs “ For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”. So I just felt a little more at peace and I just put my head down and started to pray and thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to start again this week. And as I put my head down FIVE INVESTIGATORES walked in. I literally could not believe it. And they LOVED the sacrament and all of the classes.

My eyes are just filled with tears thinking about how merciful our Heavenly Father really is and how much he loves his children. 12 “For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.”

I really had doubted a lil bit this perfect plan that God has for us but when I finally convinced myself to accept it and trust in him… that’s when we saw the miracles. I know that God loves me. And that he wants us to trust in him and that’s why sometimes we have to feel a little bit low so that we can experience the high points and we can recognize that only in and through him we can be saved.

I love the mission and I feel so unexplainably grateful for all of the amazing experiences that God has let me take part in.

Hermana Jarrrrvviiiisss
​Seventh grade selfie swag

trying to stay out of the sun likeeee

Monday, January 23, 2017

One way or anuddder

Hola mis queridos hermanos fieles that still read these letters after 16 months. I love you.
They changed our whole missionary schedule and its the best thing ever. We have so much more time to relax every night and I feel so less stressed about life jaja. Like in P-day we used to have to study like 3 hours and now we only study for 30 minutes and we can actually get things done and “prepare” for the week anddddd write letters home #hermanafeliz and we only study for 2 hours now as aposed to 4 during the week so we can work atonnnnnn in 150 degree weather.. jaaaaa and so many other sweet changes.

You know that song that says “im gonna getcha getcha getcha one way or another im gonna find ya im gonna getcha getcha getcha” its like the theme song of my misión. I literally feel like an overly obsessed girlfiriend with all of these people, we are so focused on helping them recieve these sacred blessings that sometimes I just feel like we are literally crazy jajaj. In my other letter I talked about Ariel. How I recieved the best birthday present of this perfect family and how the dad isn´t baptized. And he literally loves us. Everytime we show up to his house they have a fulll of cookies and juice already prepared and waiting for us and sometimes they already even have a hymn chosen that they want to sing. And yesterday they told us that we aren´t like the other missionaries and that they feel something really special with us. And my Little heart just was so happy. And he literally has no reason as to why he isnt baptized. And so we are working on that. Like so hard jajaja but Satan is so flippin real. And everytime I ask him a question he answers really fast and says, I already know the answer hermanas “baptism” jaja. So we are having a ton of members go visit him with us and one of these days hes going to be baptized. I just know it.

And we are finding so many stellar pepes that I just feel so dang blessed. But I have really come to recognise  how REAL satan is. Really it makes me so sad. He has so much control over us if we let him. Alma 47 explains this so so perfectly. He can work through so many ways to change the hearts of men. His power is so strong but I know with all of my heart that Gods power is a lotttttt stronger. We only have to let him work this power in our lives. Our bishop has asked me to give so many dang talks in this past month that I just feel like I could talk for hours and hours about how perfect this plan of God is for everyone of us. But its completely up to us if we want to let this perfect plan take action in our lives. I love the misión. And I have grown such a love for all of my brothers and sisters here in Argentina. And if you have a doubt in your Little mind say a Little pray and open the book of mormon. Thats what we have been telling people and its working. Working real good.I love the misión if I havent said that before.

Eat your veggies and pray for Ariel

Hermana Jarvis

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pancakes #(:

Well I am like a grandma now so thats sweet. I feel so old but so good at the same time. My birthday was... aight jajajja I made myself pancakes... so that was sweet. jajaja

But we found the best family ever and so I am not sad! I just feel so grateful to be serving the Lord in this beautiful time. ITS SO HOT here but so splendid. All I have been thinking about lately is jet skiing and thai food. So that pretty much sums up my week. #trunkila

I have literally no time because we traveled a lot today and yeah this letter is worthless jajajajjaa but ya know just thought I would let you all know taht I am alive and well. And that we literally found a family of gold and I just am on cloud nine. They are all members in active except for the father and he could never get baptized because he had a strong adiccion to smoking but he got in a huge accident that caused him to stop smoking and before we showed up at their house they had been talking about how they felt they needed to go back to church. And the next day we showed up at their door! It just makes me feel so lucky to know that God is in ever detail of our lives. Leading us and guiding us so that we can recieve his sacred blessings and help others to do the same.

One more year and I can sing the song 22 by taylor swift

I love you all and thank you for the B day wishes #blessed
hna j did


Monday, January 9, 2017

Chinese food

I missssssss chinese food more than you know and I almost think about it too much. I literally have not seen a chinese person in almost a year and a half. So if thats not sad I dont know what is. We are working dang good here in Las Termas. And I am learning lots and lots and lots. I love the misión and I really never thought I could feel so good about life and my relationship with God. Its really just something undescribable to be a missionary. By far the best decisión I have ever made. “yea, acknowledge your unworthiness before God at all times.” Something that I have been learning is how unworthy I truly am and how useless I am with out the power of God. He is everything from the moment I wake up in the morning to last deep breath I take everynight and every little thing in between. And with out him we are nothing. I feel so grateful to be here learning of my savior and the love he has for his children.  I wanted to write some sweet stories and stuff but ya fue mi tiempo and so thats a blow. Just know cool things are happening here and I am working hard yeaaaaa buddddiiiii

Hermana Jarvis

home booiii yeah buddddiii

Monday, January 2, 2017

ye ye boiiii

FELIZ AÑO NUEVO. I can´t believe I spent the whole year 2016 in the mission. So crazy and it went by so dang fast. Too fast. Well my new area is literally california its so dang pretty. But it was 120 degrees this week and we walk in the street everyday for 9 hours so thats not very pretty. Never in my life would I have imagined walking in this HEAT. And I just want to send a ton of pictures but ill share with you my goal this year. Think how I can become more converted unto the Lord e v e r y d a y. And I know that only comes with trying to become more and more like him. Trying to develope his Character. And as elder bednar teaches us, if we want to develope his carácter we much A C T. Three of the strongest letters we find in the word Character. It doesn´t just come with time or magically happen that we become like him but it requieres a lot of prayer, a lot of faith and a lot of action. And with that comes a lot more happiness in our lives.

I love this area but its really hot and i am burning jajajja

Hermana J

Dance party on christmas got wild

on the back of a pick up truck after the new years cena ye ye my companion looks latina but shes from alaska jajja
mi amor Lurdez she is the sweetest thing since pumpkin pie

mis chicos

literally the craziest rain storm after 120 degree weather
EWWWW this is so real it hurts
amo este hombre voy a convertirle 

fishers of fish jajajajja yo soy fisher of men

home boiiiii
I literally love this kid with all my heart he is just as sweet as a button he was so crazy and now is going to serve in the mission and he goes and does visits with us everyday and he is so special and he is going to serve in Columbia in like 2 weeks and has like 20 tattoos and is just so sweet la verdad we are so dang excited for him