Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MTC can't handle dis

HI hi HI hi

This week was......................... just like last week! hahahha. But I love it! I only have 2 weeks left and it's the saddest thing. The MTC is a dream. I am so ding dong dang grateful to be here. I cry thinking about leaving my district and my fake investigators everyday. I love the food, I love waking up at 6:30am(no joke), I love my companion, I LOVE my roommates and I love the spirit here. Something that I have really tried to implement in my life in the last couple of years but mainly the last couple of days is CHERISH EVERY MOMENT. Even though times are so tough, there is good in everything! It is truly all about your attitude. And we will NEVER get these moments back. Stop waiting for tomorrow, stop waiting for friday, stop waiting for happiness and go create it! hahahha I sound like a little BeeHive or something hahaha. but really be grateful and just smile at anyone and everyone. Replace your bad thoughts with good thoughts and good acts.
Count your blessings not your challenges and I promise you will change your life! I am so excited for anyone who is serving a mission, like get PUMPED because the MTC is my favorite place in the world. It is another world here I swear. I just want everyone to experience it! It's just like everything comes to life. Like every song we sing that I have been singing all of my life suddenly has so much meaning. One of my favorite lately is "savior may I love my brother as thou lovest me?" Because being stuck in the same classroom with the same people for 10 hours a day can get pretty rough sometimes. But I have realized that we all just need a little Charity in our life. We need to have the pure love of Christ. That is what this life is all about. We all have insecurities and we have all been through something. But that gives us no excuse to be negative. So I am trying to just GET OVER myself and love like Christ would love. So this week was really good and really funny.
 I saw Erica Valimaki at the temple and what the what she is engaged! Someone send me pics of the wedding please. I know it will be so fab.
So one of the elders in my district, (Elder Hall the funny one) has a record of sleepwalking and last week he slept walked outside in his garments without his badge and couldn't get back into his room hahahhaha at 3:30 in the morning and he was banging on everyone's windows but no one woke up and then he woke up under a tree and a security guard had to help him get back in hahahahha all while just in his garments. hahahah I am still laughing.
Also this week Hermana Hulme(Marilyn) and I decided to go running in the rain and we ran up and down 900 E for a whole hour hoping to see someone from home that we knew and we didn't see anyone we knew so that was sad.(ps we have lost 5 pounds so H to the YA)
Also another funny thing, I never have time to write letters so I finally set aside time to write one to my dad and I went to the gym and I had my letter and when I was leaving I looked at it and an Elder had stood over it and his sweat dripped all over it and ruined it hahaha so that's my life. I guess I am not meant to write letters home.
There is this "better than sex" cake here but we call it "better than salvation" cake hahahaha. Also I am a Sister Training Leader now! Don't worry i'm not super special or anything it's just because I am the oldest now haha.
BUT I got a FLIP PHONE hahahaha sickest thing ever. I can't even read my own text messages because you have to have a code to get into it. So that's awesome. Call me beep me if ya wanna reach me.
I get to see Kathy Chamberlain every week and it's so nice to have a little bit of home here at the MTC. Also, Cade Young bore his testimony in front of the whole MTC and I got a pic. He was literally glowing! Or I really just don't know how to use a camera hahaha.
Sorry this email is all over the place. I just want you all to know how grateful I am for this gospel and for my Savior's love.
Kool thought: have you ever thought about how big of an impact the scripture James 1:5 has had? If my main man José Smith didn't read and act on that I would not be able to experience the level joy I have in this life. I would not be here on a mission. I would not have the relationships I do. I am so grateful for the light the gospel has brought into my life and the light I get to bring into others lives! I know that is my time to give back to the Lord and I am so grateful for the opportunity.
I want to one day look my Heavenly Father in the eyes and say I truly gave it my all. And that's why I am here. I love you all! Remember who you are and to count your many blessings not your challenges.
P.S. Hermana Hulme and I are making a rap. SO STAY TUNED
Hermana J to the Diddy 


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