Monday, December 26, 2016

Im goinnnnn back back to Santi Santi ago

Hi i am traveling to another area so im not going to write today but i am happy! Im going back to my favorite zone!!!!! With a GRINGA from Alaska And im pumped. Christmas was the sweetest. The parties here are crazy. And the craiziest parties here are on navidad. They eat at 12 at night and then they have dance parties starting at 3 in the in the morning and there were fireworks all night long and im not really sure how Santa can find time to give them presents and we stayed up until 2 and we had a lil dance battle in the apartment to efy music and watched mormon messages jajajaja #somormon you can bet your bottom dollar that a little piece of my heart just wanted to be home watching the Grinch and making ginger bread houses but i dont think there is a greater satisfacion then seeing Anahi and Daiana really understand the meaning of Chrsitmas and for the first time dedicating this day to him. Me da una cosita en mi corazón. Argentina is crazy and I love it so much. Some how in all of these crazy christmas tradiciones  and crazy argentinos i have come to really, truly apriciate the true meaning of Christmas. To know that my Savior was born for me, he lived for me, and died for me. And that through him i can return to live with my Heavenly Father in paradise. And i dont think a greater gift exists then our Savior Jesus Christ. It makes me emotional every time i think about. I know he lives and is guiding his church through his sacred power. It really just blows my mind. I hope Christmas was just the best ever and that we can all remember this sacred day, not only once a year but that we can strive to remember it everyday and prepare our homes for his return. That we can live for him. P.S. my new area is called Las Termas en Santiago del Estero. Everyone tells me that the water is magical and its really pretty. I just home that there is people ready to change and....... Good food. Jajajaja


Hermana Jarvi

Monday, December 19, 2016

Suga Suga

Everytime it rains here in Oran it makes me the happiest lil human and…… today its raining…. #lagrimas This week was super bombbbbbb. We worked really hard. I am just a lil sad because our training is almost over and my hija is going to leave me. So that sucks because she is literally my lil side kick and I love her to death. But I´m excited for change because change is gooood.

On Sunday we went to go to lunch and there was this guy from Haiti sitting at the table. And he is here as a refuge trying to get to Buenos Aires and he literally is so sweet. He left his home two years ago and every country that he is in he tries to find the church. And he found us in the park and a member invited him to lunch. And we talked all about his life and how all he really wants is just to live in one place and be stable but he can´t find work anywhere so he just keeps traveling with the little little money that he has. And it just made me think of everyone at home and how all we want to do is travel and travel and then we can go home to our job and relax and continue on with the real world. It really just made feel super blessed and helped me to realize how lucky we are.

But the best thing that happened this week was probably Sunday night. Every Sunday night we have a big Family Home Evening with the ward. And we can never go work in our area because after lunch we go home and study and by the time we finish our studies its already time for FHE. But this week our president talked to us about the importance of working on Sunday. And how we really need to use this day wisely. So we decided to skip FHE and go work work work in the short amount of time that we had. And so we left at like 7:30 and walked to our area which is like 40 minutes away. And we talked to literally everyone. But NO ONE wanted to accept us. And at the last  10 minutes that we had we found a family that has been less  active for like 20 years. And it was really the sweetest thing. And they told us that they had left the church because they had been offended. And this is what we always here. And it really just breaks my heart.

There are so many people that leave the church because of the people in the church. And it just makes me so sad thinking of all the sacred blessing and privileges that they are losing. The church is true but the people aren’t is a phrase that continually runs through my mind. And today I was reading in Mateo 26 when Judas decides to join in with the group that was going to lift Jesus up on the cross and it just made me think of us and how imperfect we truly are. A man that was called of God and ministered with our Savior Jesus Christ rebelled against him. But we expect people in the church who are only guided by faith to be perfect and to never offend us. I can´t even imagine how offended Jesus Christ felt in this moment and how offended his apostles felt.

But it was never an excuse to give up. To quit and to leave all that they had ever learned and go back to the real world. I know that we are created in Gods image and that he loves us and thanks to this love he has blessed us with a Savior and a perfect gospel. We will also be trailed and offended as was Jesus Christ but God knows what we can handle.

I know that this church is perfect and that my Savior is perfect. And the only way we can really learn of him and love him is to take a couple of the steps that he took.


HErmana Jarvis

This farmers market is infront of our apartment and it literally is the best thing that ever happened since apple bottom jeans 
My cute lil apartment
My favorite picture in the history of pictures JAJAJAJAJJA
Daiana and her gay friend that we bring to church that we just love so much and this guy that poppped in the picture in the perfect moment jajajjaja 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

bautismo de ANahi y Daiana

I whip my hair back and forth still hasn´t gotten old YOOOO


Found this charm today
How I feel on P-Day
When everyone is eating bread I eat
Our boyfriends jajajjajajajaja
Its just a joke grandma J
 Shout out to my best friend that gets home this week... DONT LET HER GET MARRIED #DONTLETCHELSEAGETMARRIED

Monday, December 5, 2016

perdon estoy sin tiempo

I don't have anytime to write. But I am alive and well and we had a Open Chapel(?) this week and we were so scared because we had to teach a ton of people all about Gods plan for them in less than like 2 minutes for each theme of the gospel and I literally was saying things that I have never thought and we taught with such a simplicity that I felt God guiding us through the whole thing.

There is not a doubt in my mind that when God gives us a task, he qualifies us for the task.

I love the mission and I have really learned that when we can put God first all other things will fall into place. And Daiana is going to be baptized this week and she is the cutest thing.

"for where your treasure is there will be your heart also."

Over n´ Out
Hermana Jarvis