Monday, December 26, 2016

Im goinnnnn back back to Santi Santi ago

Hi i am traveling to another area so im not going to write today but i am happy! Im going back to my favorite zone!!!!! With a GRINGA from Alaska And im pumped. Christmas was the sweetest. The parties here are crazy. And the craiziest parties here are on navidad. They eat at 12 at night and then they have dance parties starting at 3 in the in the morning and there were fireworks all night long and im not really sure how Santa can find time to give them presents and we stayed up until 2 and we had a lil dance battle in the apartment to efy music and watched mormon messages jajajaja #somormon you can bet your bottom dollar that a little piece of my heart just wanted to be home watching the Grinch and making ginger bread houses but i dont think there is a greater satisfacion then seeing Anahi and Daiana really understand the meaning of Chrsitmas and for the first time dedicating this day to him. Me da una cosita en mi corazón. Argentina is crazy and I love it so much. Some how in all of these crazy christmas tradiciones  and crazy argentinos i have come to really, truly apriciate the true meaning of Christmas. To know that my Savior was born for me, he lived for me, and died for me. And that through him i can return to live with my Heavenly Father in paradise. And i dont think a greater gift exists then our Savior Jesus Christ. It makes me emotional every time i think about. I know he lives and is guiding his church through his sacred power. It really just blows my mind. I hope Christmas was just the best ever and that we can all remember this sacred day, not only once a year but that we can strive to remember it everyday and prepare our homes for his return. That we can live for him. P.S. my new area is called Las Termas en Santiago del Estero. Everyone tells me that the water is magical and its really pretty. I just home that there is people ready to change and....... Good food. Jajajaja


Hermana Jarvi

Monday, December 19, 2016

Suga Suga

Everytime it rains here in Oran it makes me the happiest lil human and…… today its raining…. #lagrimas This week was super bombbbbbb. We worked really hard. I am just a lil sad because our training is almost over and my hija is going to leave me. So that sucks because she is literally my lil side kick and I love her to death. But I´m excited for change because change is gooood.

On Sunday we went to go to lunch and there was this guy from Haiti sitting at the table. And he is here as a refuge trying to get to Buenos Aires and he literally is so sweet. He left his home two years ago and every country that he is in he tries to find the church. And he found us in the park and a member invited him to lunch. And we talked all about his life and how all he really wants is just to live in one place and be stable but he can´t find work anywhere so he just keeps traveling with the little little money that he has. And it just made me think of everyone at home and how all we want to do is travel and travel and then we can go home to our job and relax and continue on with the real world. It really just made feel super blessed and helped me to realize how lucky we are.

But the best thing that happened this week was probably Sunday night. Every Sunday night we have a big Family Home Evening with the ward. And we can never go work in our area because after lunch we go home and study and by the time we finish our studies its already time for FHE. But this week our president talked to us about the importance of working on Sunday. And how we really need to use this day wisely. So we decided to skip FHE and go work work work in the short amount of time that we had. And so we left at like 7:30 and walked to our area which is like 40 minutes away. And we talked to literally everyone. But NO ONE wanted to accept us. And at the last  10 minutes that we had we found a family that has been less  active for like 20 years. And it was really the sweetest thing. And they told us that they had left the church because they had been offended. And this is what we always here. And it really just breaks my heart.

There are so many people that leave the church because of the people in the church. And it just makes me so sad thinking of all the sacred blessing and privileges that they are losing. The church is true but the people aren’t is a phrase that continually runs through my mind. And today I was reading in Mateo 26 when Judas decides to join in with the group that was going to lift Jesus up on the cross and it just made me think of us and how imperfect we truly are. A man that was called of God and ministered with our Savior Jesus Christ rebelled against him. But we expect people in the church who are only guided by faith to be perfect and to never offend us. I can´t even imagine how offended Jesus Christ felt in this moment and how offended his apostles felt.

But it was never an excuse to give up. To quit and to leave all that they had ever learned and go back to the real world. I know that we are created in Gods image and that he loves us and thanks to this love he has blessed us with a Savior and a perfect gospel. We will also be trailed and offended as was Jesus Christ but God knows what we can handle.

I know that this church is perfect and that my Savior is perfect. And the only way we can really learn of him and love him is to take a couple of the steps that he took.


HErmana Jarvis

This farmers market is infront of our apartment and it literally is the best thing that ever happened since apple bottom jeans 
My cute lil apartment
My favorite picture in the history of pictures JAJAJAJAJJA
Daiana and her gay friend that we bring to church that we just love so much and this guy that poppped in the picture in the perfect moment jajajjaja 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

bautismo de ANahi y Daiana

I whip my hair back and forth still hasn´t gotten old YOOOO


Found this charm today
How I feel on P-Day
When everyone is eating bread I eat
Our boyfriends jajajjajajajaja
Its just a joke grandma J
 Shout out to my best friend that gets home this week... DONT LET HER GET MARRIED #DONTLETCHELSEAGETMARRIED

Monday, December 5, 2016

perdon estoy sin tiempo

I don't have anytime to write. But I am alive and well and we had a Open Chapel(?) this week and we were so scared because we had to teach a ton of people all about Gods plan for them in less than like 2 minutes for each theme of the gospel and I literally was saying things that I have never thought and we taught with such a simplicity that I felt God guiding us through the whole thing.

There is not a doubt in my mind that when God gives us a task, he qualifies us for the task.

I love the mission and I have really learned that when we can put God first all other things will fall into place. And Daiana is going to be baptized this week and she is the cutest thing.

"for where your treasure is there will be your heart also."

Over n´ Out
Hermana Jarvis

Monday, November 28, 2016

Not so in love wit da coca

Well I am sitting here in this little cyber with a man next to me chewing his coca and it smells just so great jajajja.

But this week was just so jazzy. We worked so dang hard and my legs hurt so dang bad but we saw so many miracles so im just a happy, sore lil Hermana. There are really so many blessings we see every single day and so many amazing people that we meet and so many stories to tell.

Anahí is literally in love with the gospel. When we walked into her work the other day we caught her praying alone #presh and then we started talking to her and we noticed that she had a stack of invitations to the church all set out for her customers. And when we passed by to visit her at her house she was practicing how to give a talk in church. Jaja I literally love her so much. I feel like I have always known her. And something inside me tells me that I have already met her in a different time.

And I just love my companion to death. She is the cutest thing and I feel like our time together is flying by so flippin fast and it makes me want to cry. She has learned so much, so fast. I literally feel like she is my child and a babysitter is going to come in three weeks and replace me jajaja. #lagrimas I don´t think I have ever laughed so hard and been so happy in my mission until she came. I love new missionaries to say the least.

If there is anything that stuck out to me today its how powerful the book of Mormon really is and how much I have come to find it my biggest treasure. How powerful and healing it really is. I know without a doubt in my mind that these really are the words of God and they can shape us into who we were designed to become. And that we have them “to gather out the elect” (Moses 7:62) from their sorrows and their achings from these temptations of the world and help them to really come to know our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love this story from Thomas S. Monson:
“One of my best friends during those carefree days in the canyon was Danny Larsen, whose family also owned a cabin at Vivian Park. Each day he and I roamed this boy’s paradise, fishing in the stream and the river, collecting rocks and other treasures, hiking, climbing, and simply enjoying each minute of each hour of each day.
“One morning Danny and I decided we wanted to have a campfire that evening with all our canyon friends. We just needed to clear an area in a nearby field where we could all gather. The June grass which covered the field had become dry and prickly, making the field unsuitable for our purposes. We began to pull at the tall grass, planning to clear a large, circular area. We tugged and yanked with all our might, but all we could get were small handfuls of the stubborn weeds. We knew this task would take the entire day, and already our energy and enthusiasm were waning.
And then what I thought was the perfect solution came into my eight-year-old mind. I said to Danny, “All we need is to set these weeds on fire. We’ll just burn a circle in the weeds!” He readily agreed, and I ran to our cabin to get a few matches.
Lest any of you think that at the tender age of eight we were permitted to use matches, I want to make it clear that both Danny and I were forbidden to use them without adult supervision. Both of us had been warned repeatedly of the dangers of fire. However, I knew where my family kept the matches, and we needed to clear that field. Without so much as a second thought, I ran to our cabin and grabbed a few matchsticks, making certain no one was watching. I hid them quickly in one of my pockets.
Back to Danny I ran, excited that in my pocket I had the solution to our problem. I recall thinking that the fire would burn only as far as we wanted and then would somehow magically extinguish itself.
I struck a match on a rock and set the parched June grass ablaze. It ignited as though it had been drenched in gasoline. At first Danny and I were thrilled as we watched the weeds disappear, but it soon became apparent that the fire was not about to go out on its own. We panicked as we realized there was nothing we could do to stop it. The menacing flames began to follow the wild grass up the mountainside, endangering the pine trees and everything else in their path.”
And just like his parents had warned him, our loving heavenly father has warned us and continues to warn us through his prophets and through his perfect writings. Through the Book that is the most correct and the most direct.
“he did deliver them because they did humble themselves before him; and because they cried mightily unto him he did deliver them out of bondage; and thus doth the Lord work with his power in all cases among the children of men, extending the arm of mercy towards them that put their trust in him. (Alma 29:20)”

I know that if we can put our trust in these sweet words that come from a loving heavenly father we can feel a joy and a love that we cannot receive from the world. No matter what we have done, or who we think we have become or how far from him we may feel his loving arms are extended out and he will always be patiently waiting to receive us if we simply put our trust in Him.

I love the mission.


Hna j a r v i s

14 months bb

Monday, November 21, 2016

ur r not hardcore unless u liv hardcore

Well my skin is literally Nepotalian ice cream. Three colors folks and this week felt really short and I don´t remember a lot but my hija is literally white gangster right now with all of the slang I have been teaching her. And I feel so honored.

Its really so funny how excited we are to write every week. And how fast it goes by. Did ya know I love the mission with my whole heart? This Saturday Anahi was baptized! And it was the sweetest thing. I have never seen someone so prepared in my whole life. I just love her so much and its unreal to see someone before they are baptized and after because they really just SHINE. And now every guy wants to date her and it scares me a bit jajaja.

We had the best Family Home Evenings this week because we got almost all new missionaries in our district and we are almost all gringos and its literally so fun. We had probably 30 people playing musical chairs yesterday and it was SO INTENSE jajajaj and I almost won but ya know I just wanted to “serve my fellow beings” and let someone else win. Ja no I tripped so hard running to the next seat, infront of everyone. But ya know you´re not hardcore unless you live hardcore.

Everyday I have a new favorite chapter of the book of Mormon and today its Mosiah 24. I just love how it explains that when we are passing through hardships first and foremost if we trust in God he will give us more strength. He will give us strength to go through these things on our own and then when we can show him that we will work according to his will he will free us from our trails. But not until we can prove to him that we have the faith to be set free. “Lift up your heads and beof good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage.” All we have to do is remember our sacred covenants and trust in our Heavenly father and then he will deliver us from bondage. I really loved a talk by elder Bednar when he described the children of Eygpt passing through the sea on dry ground. Its not that they just sat in front of the sea waiting for it to part but they put their feet in the water and trusted God he would help them out. And how crazy is it that we literally have the same exact God that helped them cross the sea on dry ground and yet some times we doubt him and his will?  “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” If I have learned anything in the mission its to have faith in this perfect plan that we accepted before this life. That only in and through Christ we can be saved even when this plan doesn´t turn out how we would have expected or wanted it’s the plan that was created by the man with is with all power and I know if we can simply listen to his still small voice through the holy ghost he will guide us home and will provide all we need for our journey.

I love the mission if I haven´t mention that before and I am SO PUMPED for this week. And also we bought nutella today and it’s the first time I will be eating nutela in 14 months. (Three claps for Jenna) and all I will be missing  out on my FAVORITE holiday once again.. And literally drooling and dreaming just thinking about a slice of pumkin pie. So disfrutelo.

Chau mis amigos fieles y leales

Hermana J J J diddy jajaj
they call him smile, I don't know why
se llama sonrisa no sé porque 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Donald Trump? WHA.. literalmente I thought it was a joke that he was running for Pres. Pero esta bien. LO APOYÓ. Everything happens for a reason que, no?

I really love the mission with my whole heart. I love seeing people literally change their lives, I love reading the scriptures and actually understanding them. I love waking up everyday knowing that I get to find my brothers and sisters that are so so so prepared. I love coming to know that God truly has everything under his control and that he has created such a perfect plan for everyone of us. I love knowing that I belong the same church that Jesus Christ established with the same exact teachings. I love knowing that it is put together perfectly because he is perfect. I love all of the little miracles that I can see every single day if I just open my eyes. I love walking 5 hours in 110 degrees knowing that at least we helped someone know that they are a child of God and that he loves them more than they can comprehend. I love that our Heavenly Father has given me 2 guide books with perfect instructions to lead me and guide me through this life.

I really just have so many thoughts and SO many stories and so many miracles that I could tell. From every single day that I have been here in the mission. But overall I just feel so very grateful to know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that he loves every single one of his children. I know with all of my heart that my Savior lives. And that he loves me and that thanks to this love he has allowed us to make covenants with him. And open the doors to his blessings if we simply follow his guidelines.

“Divine covenants make strong Christians. I urge each one to qualify for and receive all the priesthood ordinances you can and then faithfully keep the promises you have made by covenant. In times of distress, let your covenants be paramount and let your obedience be exact. Then you can ask in faith, nothing wavering, according to your need, and God will answer. He will sustain you as you work and watch. In His own time and way He will stretch forth his hand to you, saying, “Here am I.” E´D Todd Christofferson

Its as easy as that. We obey him, and he leads us and blesses us and answers our prayers. He knows that we are here. He knows our faces. He knows exactly what we need. And all we have to do is remember our sacred covenants and LET his guide our lives.

D & C 1:18-23
 18 And also gave commandments to others, that they should proclaim these things unto the world; and all this that it might be fulfilled, which was written by the prophets—
 19 The weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, that man should not counsel his fellow man, neither trust in the arm of flesh—
 20 But that every man might speak in the name of God the Lord, even the Savior of the world;
 21 That faith also might increase in the earth;
 22 That mine everlasting covenant might be established;
 23 That the fulness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world, and before kings and rulers.

And one of our biggest convents is to lift others and to spread his love. To help others come to a knowledge of his guidance and his hand that has always been extended out towards us.

I really have come to know more than anything that God has trusted me so much. To be born into his gospel. To know of his sacred power and the blessings that come with it. And the very least that I could do is help others to know of the same. And also Anahi and Daiana are going to be baptized this week and they literally amaze me. I feel like I am teaching less active members that have already learn all of these things. They have become to be so so very special to me and I feel so dang grateful to be a part of their story.

Song of the Week: Take my hand de Shawn McDonald

Scripture of the week: Matthew 15:11-19

Hermana Harvi (como dicen mis latinos)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Soy Catolica Apostólica Roman

Well overall this week we learned how to whistle with our noses and I don´t think it gets much better than that. Jajjajja and also Anahi and Daiana fasted FOR 24 HOURS this week and they fasted that there family could be more open to our message. And when we showed up to pick them up on Sunday (I say pick them up like we have a car….jajaja) they were so open to us and so grateful for our sacrifice to come find them early in Domingo to go to church. It was such a miracle. Wow I literally love them with all of my heart. I really never thought I could love so many latinos.

Really these past three days have just been so good. I love fast Sunday more than words can describe. It’s unlike anything else to just sit and listen to all these amazing people share their testimonies. I think I have felt the spirit the very stongest in my mission in that short hour we all share together. And It makes me so grateful to know that it’s the most important hour we have in all of the week, to really just start completely new and thank our Heavenly Father for all we have. We really receive such a protection and it’s something indescribably amazing. It breaks my heart to think of all the people that don´t get to enjoy that sweet hour each Sunday and start new every single week through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. And it gives me a lot of motivation to work harder and harder every week.

“It may appear to you at times that those out in the world are having much more fun than you are. Some of you may feel restricted by the code of conduct to which we in the Church adhere. My brothers and sisters, I declare to you, however, that there is nothing which can bring more joy into our lives or more peace to our souls than the Spirit which can come to us as we follow the Savior and keep the commandments.”

There is nothing more clear in mind than how smart and knowledgeable our Heavenly Father is. I know that we are so blessed to have commandments to guide us. To instruct us and to shape us. So that we can have this protection from satan and his temptations. I know with all of my heart than they keep us in line. They bring us joy and a happiness that we won´t find anywhere else.  “O how marvelous are the works of the Lord, and how long doth he suffer with his people;” He doesn´t want us to suffer alone and that’s why he has created such a marvelous plan with these perfect instructions. That if we obey. Though his atonement we can overcome all of these wordly sorrows and temptations. And there really is no other way.

I love the mission more and more every week. And I just have such a burning desire to share this message with everyone and read my scriptures all day long and I really just feel a little bit nerdy jajaja.

Hope your week is full of rainbows and happiness

Remember who u r

X O x o

Hermana Jarvis

When you are so swag it hurts

SOUPA DE MANI we ate 3 plates each
​We made paleo banana bread
this is our mirror jajajajjaa
had a drunk guy talk in "English"
Halloween trick or treaters WHAT¿¿¿

​I bought new shoes for the first time in a year and they were 16 bucks #savyshopper #ghettobutIlikeit


Monday, October 31, 2016

Cuuuucuracha cuuucuracha

Well the heat has hit HARD and our little friends have left their hiding and we have crocroaches everywhere. I literally want to cry jajaja. But ya know its fine. They are mostly in our bathroom and so I avoid going to bathroom in our apartment most days. And my companion is becoming pro in killing becasue it hurts my heart to kill them so thats a plus. And this week was just the best ever. We have been working so dang hard and not seeing much sucess. And I literally felt so sad that my hija was starting out the mission with literally no one progressing and I just didn´t have a clue as to what I was doing wrong. And then we decided to set smaller goals and work harder on our little goals instead of working on a ton at the same time. And then the otherday a member less active ran up to us in the street and told us hes from a different city and that he was baptized a while back and wants to come back to church but doesn´t know where it is. And so we set a date to visit him and I just had the strongest impression that I needed to visit him but not for him. And I always have weird feelings like this but this time was different.

So the next day we went to go visit him and he wasn´t home so we started walking away and then we turned around and decided to invite his niece to listen to this message and she almost started crying and told us that she has wanted to talk to us for years but was always too scared. And she has always want to preach the gospel and be a missionary but she was just to shy to ask how. And I literally almost started crying. I just felt a lil like jacob when he said “for I had requested it of my Father who was in heaven; for he had heard my cry and answered my prayer.” She then acepted to be baptized and then she introduced us to her son… and so she cant serve in the mission and my heart hurts but she is still so happy and came to church and told me that she never wanted it to end. And I just feel unbelivable grateful. And she is inviting all her family and they are so pumped too. I know God was right when he told us that we can´t try to run faster than we have the strength to do so. Really we just saw a lot of miracles this week and I love being a missionera with all of my heart. And I just feel the strongest desires to serve with literally all I have in these last months. Omni1: 26 “And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye shouldcome unto Chist, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption.Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying,and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved. “ because

Mathew 12:30 “He that is not with me is against me;”

I have really learned the importance of offering our whole souls as a sacrifice to him and the blessing that come with it. I know that we aren´t perfect but I know that with our efforts one day we can become so.

And a lil TMI: This week as we were walking down the street a bug flew into my mouth and I started coughing so dang hard that I peed my pants. Or my skirt. In the middle of the street.


hermanananannaa JARVIS

ellas son las dos muchachas que encontramos esta semana
These are two girls we found this week

We now wear pants 

my comp cooks for me and swag is the only word that comes to my mind when I see these


Monday, October 24, 2016


This week we had a ton of Family Home Evenings. And one of them on Tuesday night fell through and we were so sad because we had big plans and we also made a tonnn of brownies. So we started depressingly walking and we started eating our brownies to lift our spirits of course and after walking like 6 streets the brownies were gone. We literally ate probably 40 brownies. Not joking. AND NO SHAME jajajaj. And we woke up the next morning zombies, literally I have never felt so gross. And of course the first page we read in our companionship study talks about how are bodies are temples. But don´t worry, our diet started today!

Ands I had ato sswich compautaeras and I cant type anything jajajaja so I hope ayou all ahd a great week and awrite me letters and tell your mom you lovae aher jajaja I literallyyy can not tyaepe

chaiuacdfitos aa

​We had a sweet suprise party jajjajaja FELIZ cumple elder told 

when you are around latinas a lil too much jajajaja

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 132121242


This week was probably the hottest week of my life. LIKE WOW. We have to walk 45 minutes to get to most parts of our area and it’s like walking through an oven all day long. And my tan lines…. Woooooo jajajaja but I am still so white next to my companion so it’s fine. She is the cutest thing by the way. And I still have some cute friends in my hair if you were wondering. And my computer isn´t letting me send anything right now so I don´t even know if I can send this. But I just love my little life here in Oran and I am so very grateful to be a missionary. I just want my time here to never evaaa end. And its going by so dang fast. It really amazes me how put together our church is. How perfect and organized it has always been and always will be. We have been finding tons and tons of new people. And its been the sweetest experience. We have a new investigator se llama Andres and he is blind and his phone reads him scriptures and he is just the highlight of my life. But I really don´t remember a lot from this week to be honest other than walking and walking and walking jajaja. And we had FHE and a ton of families came and we really are changing this area. Slowly but surely. And also we literally smell so bad and look so bad but these creepy old men still whistle at us so obviously we still got someeethinnn jajaja. And I literally have no time. And we are planning a surprise party for one of the Elders wooottt wooooottt so gottttta jet. Something I really liked in my studies this week was in Mathew 4 when jesus invites his apostles to become fishers of men and they literally leave everything they have in that moment to follow him and because fishers of men. Imagine what the world would be like if we could all just let go of all of our sins and follow our savior. Its somethings so hard to do at times but something so nessecary in these ultimos dias.

Thoughts of the week: the stongest desires to go to 7 peaks

XOXO Hermana Jarvis

Our leader misional s´cute

Monday, October 10, 2016


Piojos significa lice y es algo que tengo. (Head lice means lice and is something that I have) Jajaja well I literally never thought I would have lice in my life and then the other morning this creepy black thing fell into my hand and my head started ICHING A FUL. And so thats where we´re at thisweek. On Sunday I litterally had like 5 women taking bugs out of my hair. And the worst part about it is that they took out a ton. But once one of them has babies IT HAS 300 BABIES. I literally feel so gross. But thats the missssh que no? Sacrifice brings blessing jajajajja. A nice welcome to the mission for mi  hija.

Mi hijita is from niceragua. She is the cutest thing ever. She is like half my size and we get along so well. I taught her how to contact people in the street but with jokes and being funny and its the funniest thing to watch her literally do everything I do. She makes me so happy. This week was full of travels and getting used to change in our schedule and training. But it was reallly good! We are working with the sweetest family and their daughter came to church this Sunday and already has plans for EFY. So I am stoked. We also are really going to focus on helping all of our less active member through FHE. And really FHE brings miracles. There is not a doubt in my mind. So if you aren´t having FHE and want miracles in your family or with your friends START NOW. Gracias.

But more than anything this week I have learned how importante and sabio it is to follow the example of our savior in all aspects. I have been so worried about training my whole mission because I really just want to help the new missionaries love the mission and not the oposite. And when I heard I was going to train I fipped. Jaja. But really there isn´t a more simple way to be a good leader and a good example than to follow the example of our Savior. I learned this week that there is one remedy for all cases. And its what we´ve been taught our whole life. To have faith in Jesus Christ, repent daily, Remeber our bauptisimal covenents, accept the Holy Ghost and his guidence in our lives, and endure to the end. It is the most intelligente remedy that has ever been and ever will be. It can save lives, it can heal a broken heart, it can lead us and guide us into people we never imagined. It is the key to happiness and to salvation. And it comes from the man who has all inteligence and all power. Who is with out end. And I know with out a doubt in my mind it is the ONLY way we can truly be happy. Not just temporally happy, it is the only way we can really reach our goals and our potential in this life.

“Where Jesus was selfless, they were selfish. Where Jesus was concerned with freedom, they were concerned with control. Where Jesus was concerned with service, they were concerned with status. Where Jesus met the genuine needs of others, they were concerned only with their own needs and wants. Where Jesus was concerned with the development of his disciples, they sought to manipulate mortals. Where Jesus was filled with compassion balanced by justice, they have so often been filled with harshness and injustice.

Perhaps all of us would not be the perfect example of leadership, but all of us can make a serious effort toward approaching that great ideal.”


Hermana Jarvis

Monday, October 3, 2016


There is a crocroach crawling on my desk in this little cyber as I type.

I AM PREGNANT. WWOOOOO. Not really but my hija is here and she is waiting for me in Salta and I am the happiest little camper. Not a lot of Hermana’s are training in the mission right now and we only received 3 new Hermana’s and I thought for sure I wasn´t going to train because there are so many Hermana’s that haven’t trained yet. And I am just on cloud nine. These past two transfers have been really hard to be honest. Really hard to be obedient because of a lot of things that have happened and I just prayed and prayed this week that God could give me a new fresh start even though my companion was the best ever, it was really, really hard on me to have to sit in our apartment all of the time and not work. And just so much happened and I just thought this is my test. I am going to stay here another transfer to learn more patience and to be honest I was a little bit heartbroken cause I just want to work work work. And then the elders called and told me and I am just so happy. I feel like I am having a real child I am so excited. #Godanswersprayers

But wow what a great weekend que no? I feel so lucky to watch our living prophet and apostles share their inspiration and love for each one of us. It’s so crazy how in tune with the spirit these guys are. I loved when Russell M Ballard talked about leaving the restored gospel. When he said “Where will you go to be taught about your best friend Jesus Christ?” Its really so sad to me that people can get so caught up in the things of the world today that they forget about the things that are truly important not just temporal. I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the restored gospel. That this church is the light of the world and the only way that we can really come to know our Savior. Because it is based on his teachings.

2 Nephi 22
2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation.
3 Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

2 Nefi 22
2 He aquí, Dios es mi salvación; confiaré y no temeré, porque el Señor Jehová es mi fortaleza y mi canción; y también ha llegado a ser salvación para mí.
3 Por tanto, con gozo sacaréis agua de las fuentes de la salvación.

He is my salvation and I feel so dang lucky to know that through him all is possible if it be for our wellbeing. I love my Savior and I can´t even put into words how lucky I feel to be serving here in Argentina. I know that only though him we can find true happiness. True and everlasting happiness. And that through him we can truly change our nature. Not just out attitude but our nature. We can become more than we ever imagined.

Imma go but some stuff for mi hijita. 

Over and out

Hermana Jarvis

We had another really great Family night 

matress sliding cheeee
matress sliding cheeee


Monday, September 26, 2016


I literally feel like I was here writing home yesterday. Time is passing by so fast. SO FAST. This week more than ever I just feel the need to work harder than ever before and that time is so dang short. And if I could just squeeze all my thoughts into one sentence it would in the words of Joseph Smith

“After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel”

I feel so lucky, to have the knowledge that I have of the restored gospel. I really never would have realized how lucky I am if I hadn´t made the decision to serve. It´s such an amazing thing to know of and to live the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ, and not just parts of his teaching, but that through Joseph Smith, the restored gospel and living Prophets we know all of his teachings. I was talking to my companion the other day and we were talking about how we don´t really understand why in other churches they can feel the spirit. And then she mentioned that it’s because they have PARTS of the church of Jesus Christ. They have a part of his teachings. But what they don´t have is the FULLness of his gospel. I know without a doubt in my mind that I belong to the church of Jesus Christ. That he knows me, and he loves me. Our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us and he knows exactly what we need. And that’s why he has given us commandments and his church here on the earth and is guiding us every day through our leaders. I love more than anything helping people to know of these amazing truths and helping they put them into play in their lives.

I just feel the need to talk to every human being and tell them about this perfect message. And there is not a day that goes by that I don´t think of how many opportunities I missed out on when I was at home to share this message. There is not a doubt in my mind that God has people prepared for every one of us. That before this earth we knew them and we promised them that we would help them here on the earth to stay on this perfect path or to find it. And although we can´t remember it, those people are all around us. (D and C 100;4) Waiting for us to help them back on this path and they may not even know it. And all we have to do is pray to our Heavenly Father and ask his to open our hearts and minds to find these people. And then act on the answers we receive. I don´t think there is anything more important that we could be doing in this week than finding and inviting these people to watch our living Prophet give us direction this weekend. Really I can´t think of anything better. And there isn´t a better time to do it than to do it now. Because if we wait too long on the promptings of the Lord we will replace them. And we will lose the chance to help our brothers and sisters.

This week was really good and we had a huge Family Night again and I rapped the Mcdonalds rap. So j diddy still livesssss. Jajajaja



Hermana Jarvis