Monday, April 3, 2017

I love general conference

Well only 4 more weeks until I can dance to the music playing in the supermarket without feeling like I need to repent. And it feels so weird. But so good at the same time. General Conference was literally amazing. It was definently the best one yet. I recieved an answer to every single question that I had. And that has never happened to me. But it really goes to show that when we are spiritually prepared God can give us his direction that we so desperately need.

I loved loved loved the talk by Gary B Sabin when he spoke of the group that went camping and when they woke up in the morning the liders asked how the boys had slept and one of them said that they slept really bad because they were really cold. And then one of the boys said well why didn´t you use your sleeping bag? And he told them that he didn´t want to take the extra five minutes to un roll his sleeping bag and put it away the following morning.

It amazes me how well this little story relates to us as children of our heavenly father. Just how he always provides us with exactly what we need but so many times we personally decide to “freeze during the whole night”.

“how oft will I gather you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, if ye will repent and return unto me with full purpose of heart.”

He is always waiting for us on the other side of the door and so many time we decided to not let him in. If there is something so valueable that I have learned in the mission its that we have our own agency. We have the agency to choose saddness or to choose eternal happiness. And the only way that we can choose this happiness is using these perfect tools that our father has given us. And allowing him to enter our lives. All he asks of us is that we REPENT AND COME UNTO HIM. That is all he asks. All he wants is US. I know that he is with us and he is watching us. And everytime we decide to not take us hand and let him guide us, we are taking 10 steps back in this path way to find eternal happiness. And as he states “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee”

I know it to be true. I know that before this life he held us and he explained this perfect plan and explained to us that it wouldn´t be easy but we both knew and decided that we could do it. But only in and through our Savior Jesus Christ.  We made this promise with him and we need to fufill it. I truly know now more than ever who and I am and who he needs me to because and I have never felt happier. And I know that the most important thing I can do in this life is fufill the promise that I made with him. And I invite you to do the same.

Hermana J did

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