Monday, April 10, 2017

moto GP ridddddeee urrr dieeeee

Well this week there are like a ton and a ton of motorcycle dudes from brazil and the states and Columbia and Paraguay and china and everywhere because there is a huge motorcycle competition. And they cat call us all day long and we are just a little scared jajaja. And also this week someone told us that people think we are secret spies and they asked us if we have cameras in our placks and why we have a huge pointy white thing on the top of every church. Because they think that it’s how we send all of our information to the US. Jajajjaja.

And I don’t think I ever told you about Erika and Alfredo but they are the sweetest thing. One day my companion and I started talking to this guy who was outside fixing his car and we invited him to church and he was like forsure I will go to your church. And we were so stoked so we asked him when we could pass by to visit him and they he told us that he is a member but his wife isn’t “for right now” jajja and so we passed by the following week to meet his wife and she came out and just gave me the stare down and said “hi what do you need?” and I said “hola! We´re Alfredos friends!” and before I could finish she shouted to her husband and said “hey…. Your “friends” are here….” Like a lil bit pissed jajaja jajjajaja and then he came out and he told her that we are from the church and she was so embarrassed because she totally thought we were like hitting on her husband or something jajajaj. And now she loves us and wants to be baptized and we are teaching her 3 year old daughter how to say the prayer and it’s the SWEETEST thing. But she just copies what her mom and dad say. “heavenly father thank you for my husband and my wife and my kids and the girls that come to visit us. Amen.” Jajajaj it’s the cutest thing ever.

And I really am just so happy to be here. The days are getting shorter and shorter and I just am taking in every second. I love being a missionary. And I feel like I have really come to find out who I am and my purpose as a daughter of my heavenly father. And I just feel like the luckiest human to be here and learn so much about my heavenly father and the love he has for all of his children. And we have all of the reasons to love him back. And we do so by keeping his sacred commandments. John 2:3 “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.” And then we can really come to know him, and not only “know of him”.

See you in three weeks :p

Hermana Jarvis


we are preparing for after the mission 

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