Monday, March 20, 2017

just another manic mondayyyyyyyy

Well this week was the bomb and I dont have a lot of time to write. We had 12 investigadores at church on Sunday and Cesar was baptized! I have never seen someone so dedicated to the Lord. He quit smoking and he is starting to close his buisness on Sundays and now his wife wants to get baptized! And its just the sweetest thing. It really amazes me to see people truly convert themselves to the Lord. To see them give up all of their favorite things to follow our Savior. I feel so blessed. And I truly know they these things couldn´t come to pass if we hadn´t been praying and fasting with faith that the Lord could truly let us be instruments in his hands. WELL I LOVE YOU ALL AND  I GOTTA GO pray for familia moyano they are going to get married this week!!! and yeah peace and blessings

We had the cutest little bbq with the familia Moyano
He literally thinks my name is spelled like this

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