Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I am an old woman woot to the woot

Well this week was seriously the best. My companion spoils me to say the least. On Friday we woke up, just your average day. Studying, eating, walking the vida! Then we had a lunch date and it got canceled after we had already walked half way across our area and I was a little bumbed to be honest. And then we walked back to our apartment and made food and studied some more. Then we had a couple of appointments so we went out to go save some souls. And then all the sudden my companion is like oh my gosh I am going to die my stomach hurts so bad. So we had to fast walk literally as fast as we could to a members house to use the bathroom and when we got there everything was normal and then we walked in the house and everyone started singing Feliz Cumpleaños and wow best birthday. They made me a sugar free, gluten free cake and sang to me and it was just wow. But what the FREAK I am 20 years old! You can call me grandma Jen! Also I slept in a hotel last night cause we had to go fill our papers in central and wow. Just take a second and be grateful for the shower and cozy bed you have because sleeping that hotel last night made me a little bit sad to go back to silly lil bed with not too much padding haha.

But anyways, fun fact: There is a guy in our area named Juan and he has five sons. They are also all named Juan hahaha.

Also, I´d like you to take a second and image 4 Hermanas sharing one bathroom with 1 hour to get ready in the morning. And then imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and there is no water. Not even enough water to brush our teeth. And the best part about it is that I woke up with a stomach ache earlier that morning and I felt so prompted that I needed to shower but I was like no it´s to early and I don´t want to miss companion prayer. And then boom I wake up an hour later and we have no water. So moral of the story... ALWAYS FOLLOW A PROMPTING.

This week I was feeling a little bit sad because what the hay I am growing up. My friends are getting married. I already have 4 months in the mission. Before I know it imma be covered in wrinkles! hahaha My whole life I have had the fear of the present becoming the past. I think about the past before it is even the past and it has always made me a little bit sad. For example I remember in high school just thinking this will be over before I know it and I will never talk to these people again and then boom over, and then my first semester of college and I remember just thinking wow... will I ever be this happy again, and then I thought the same things in the MTC and then now here I am in the mission thinking the same thing. This will be over before I know it and who knows what is going to happen in my future. But I read a cute little story in the Ensign today about truly striving to enjoy every moment but realize that there is more to come. We need to not have fear of the future because God has a plan. He has a perfect plan for us. Yes there will be hard times, yes we won´t experience these same things over again but we have to have faith that the `good things will keep on coming` because I know for a fact they will if we put our trust in the Lord! Because when we have faith over fear we will enjoy life so much more and more so be able and worthy to recieve the blessings God has instore for us!

Wow the mission is so good. I can´t even picture where I would be in life with out it! Seriously if you are thinking about going kick that thought to the side and make it a reality!

`There is more to life than just saving ourselves, we need to lift those around us´ I encorage you to really go out of your way to serve those around you this week! Even if you are swamped with things to do. I know that if we put others first and truly follow the example of our Savior and love one another we will recieve that love of our Savior in return. I know it to be true because I experience it everyday! I love this gospel with all of my heart and I am so grateful to be here representing Jesus Christ and helping others feel his love and mercy in there lives as I have. 

Some scriptures I read today that made my heart a lil happy were in 2 Nephi 4:17-22 Because really look at all our God has done for us and our loved ones. What makes us think that he can´t help us overcome our temptations or overcome our hard times or overcome our fears or help us reach our goals? I know that when we truly put our trust in God our life take a whole 360 and we are able to truly become the people we need to be because he created US he knows us better than we know ourselves. Also, The Book of Mormon is literally the Liahona to our lives. The golden treasure map. I am sad to say I didn´t realize this before my mission. But I am so glad that I realize it now! Ever story is there so that we may learn, we may learn of the Lords forever open arms and learn from the examples of those who were in our same situations to an extent. It really is so amazing and I invite you to take advantage of it.And have the goal in mind to literally return to our Heavenly Father with Honor. Okay I gotta jet. hahaha remember who you are and to serve those around you and to shower and to enjoy every second and not have fear just have faith. Chau Chau love you all to pieces

Hermana Jarvis

​Also I made french toast for our ward this week and they could not get enough! so s/o to Aunt Lisa for the recepie!( I don´t know how to spell anymore so sorry)

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